Growing, keeping, slaughtering, processing of poultry, fish, pigs and cattle
Ingredients, food additives, spices, spices, seasonings
Processing and storage of agricultural products
Agricultural machinery
Automation and robotization
Components and materials for equipment of food industry enterprises
Complex solutions for food industry enterprises
Installation, service, equipment repair
Equipment for the production of food and beverages
Food safety and quality control
Filling in containers
Packaging solutions for food industry
Markers, labellers, barcoders
Weighing equipment
Design, construction and reconstruction of food, feed and processing industries, livestock complexes
Refrigeration equipment
Sanitation and hygiene of food production, cleaning equipment, detergents
Production logistics
Shop fittings
Environmentally friendly technologies in the agro-industrial complex
Services, auxiliary, related industries
Russian exporters
Equipment for livestock complexes
Equipment and raw materials for raising and keeping poultry, pigs and cattle
Equipment and technologies for slaughtering livestock and primary processing
Equipment for poultry and game processing
Aquaculture (fish farming)
Equipment and technologies for the extraction of fish and seafood
Equipment for primary processing, fish and seafood processing, ship and coastal equipment, related equipment
Additives: emulsifiers, stabilizers, colorants, flavorings, preservatives, flavoring additives, spices, dough improvers, confectionery mixtures, glazes and fillings, cocoa products
Ingredients for the dairy industry
Ingredients for meat (meat processing) industry
Ingredients for the fishing industry (fish processing)
Ingredients for the bakery and confectionery industry
Ingredients for the beverage industry
Equipment for dosing liquid ingredients
Equipment for the manufacture of ingredients, food additives, spices, spices, seasonings
Processing of agricultural products. Mini-workshops. Mini factories. Mini bakeries. Mills, elevators
Equipment for vegetable stores
Equipment for greenhouses
Automation of food production and technological processes
Industrial robots
Industrial process control automation systems
IT-technologies, software
Materials and components for food industry equipment
Pipes and fittings for food industry enterprises
Pumps and pumping equipment
Equipment for water supply, water treatment equipment, valves, equipment for pipelines
Electrical equipment
Hardware Recovery
Spare parts, components, consumables for equipment
Equipment installation
Equipment repair
Equipment service
Technological design and consulting
Equipment for raw materials processing
Equipment for starch and treacle industry
Equipment for fat and oil production
Equipment for grain processing, flour making
Equipment for the processing of cocoa beans and the production of cocoa products
Equipment for processing oilseeds and production of vegetable oil
Potato processing equipment
Equipment for milk processing and dairy products production
Meat processing equipment
Equipment for processing fruits and vegetables
Equipment for processing berries, mushrooms
Equipment for the production of frozen foods
Equipment for the production of baby food
Equipment for the production of confectionery and chocolate
Equipment for the production of canned food (meat, fish, fruit / vegetable)
Equipment for the production of coffee, tea and tobacco
Equipment for the production of pasta
Equipment for the production of ice cream
Equipment for the production of instant food
Equipment for the production of deep-frozen products
Equipment for the production of snacks, cereals, dried fruits
Equipment for the production of freeze-dried products
Equipment for the production and filling of alcoholic beverages, beer and soft drinks
Equipment for the production of fruit and vegetable juices
Equipment for the production of bakery products
Equipment for the sugar industry
Equipment for processing raw materials and food production for small businesses (farmers)
Equipment for drying and curing food. Drying cabinets, chambers and workshops
Analytical and laboratory equipment
Testing equipment
Metal detectors for quality control
Equipment for product inspection and detection of foreign inclusions
Equipment for food laboratories. Laboratory furniture
Quality Control Systems
Control systems, regulators, sensors
Personal protective equipment for personnel for food production
Filling equipment
Technological lines for bottling
Dosing machines
Capacitive equipment
Equipment for group packaging
Packaging and packaging materials
Raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of containers and packaging
Shrink wrap
Modified atmosphere packaging
Packaging equipment for liquid and pasty products
Packing equipment for vegetables and fruits
Packaging equipment for bulk products
Packaging equipment for bulk products
Packing equipment for piece products
Filling machines
Design and decoration of advertising and packaging products, printing
Label products and consumables for their production (paper, cardboard, polymer films, foil, printing inks, etc.)
Tank weighing systems
Building structures and structures
Design, construction and reconstruction
Cold generation, freezers, special refrigerators, ice makers, ice accumulators
Cryogenic freezing, shock freezing of food products
Condensing units
Chest freezers, regals, bonnets, refrigerated cabinets, racks, showcases
Refrigerating and freezing warehouses
Industrial refrigerators and freezers
Ventilation, air conditioning, climate control systems. Split systems
Heat exchangers, cooling towers, evaporators, condensers
Hygienic equipment for personnel and sanitary posts
Self-leveling floors, floor coverings and antifungal protection
Industrial Sanitation
Industrial detergents and disinfectants
Industrial premises disinfection systems
Cleaning equipment
Chemically resistant, environmentally friendly coatings
Warehouse real estate: design, construction, operation
Warehouse equipment
Transport, lifting, loading equipment
Equipment for public catering establishments, bars, restaurants, fast food
Equipment for shops, hotels, cafes and pastry shops, mobile trading systems
Equipment for the neutralization of hazardous industrial waste
Waste recycling and disposal
Cleaning Technologies
Enterprise Services
Specialized media and Internet portals
Russian spare parts, components for equipment
Russian ingredients, food additives
Russian equipment for enterprise hygiene
Russian food and beverage equipment
Russian equipment for public catering and trade
Russian spices, herbs, seasonings
Russian packaging and packaging materials
Russian packaging equipment
Russian refrigeration equipment