Raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of containers and packaging

Many manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of containers and packaging participate in the annual Agroprodmash exhibition .

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of some of the leading companies that participated in our exhibition.

Company name Description Address Phone Website
GofroMir Manufacturer of corrugated packaging, corrugated boxes, and cardboard boxes. We use three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard, and apply flexo printing. We create packages that improve and simplify your business. Bldg. 5, 23, Lavochkina Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 150-1266 http://www.omet-foodtech.it
KITPROM The largest consulting company in the development, design and production of parts and components of plastics, rubber and composite materials. Our company offers a range of services in the design, selection of materials, production of industrial parts and components, manufacturing according to the customer\'s drawings and samples, restoration and copying of parts and components of imported production. KITprom produces blades (pushers), gears, guides, rollers, cogwheels, pulleys, cuffs, glands, handles, liners, retainers, washers, fasteners, cams, scrapers, bushings, suction cups and other plastic rubber parts and composite materials. 34, Zeleny Prospekt, 111394, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 506-0112 http://kitprom.com
FOSHAN HAOMINGDA MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO. LTD. Foshan HAOMINGDA Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. manufature vertical packing machines and flow packing machines for different kinds of products which can be packed into plastic bags. China, A Suite, No.2, Xiabai Lehua Road, Luocun, Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan City, China +86 (0757) 8632 2940 http://www.feilongjs.com
OPACK MAKINE Opack provides services for the production of IML packaging thermoforming machines, automatic filling machines for FFS and vacuum packaging systems for any type of product. Ikitelli OSB Tormak San. Sit. N BL 10 -12 Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey 905321737679 http://www.opackmakine.com
PolyER PolyER is one of the leaders in the production of PP, PET, PS food plastic packaging and tapes for automatic packaging and thermoforming lines. 2R, Mendeleeva Ploshchad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region, Russia +7 (495) 741-4446 http://zid.ru
McAirlaid's Vliesstoffe GmbH The idea, which founded our company in 1997, is unique to this day and uniquely successful. McAirlaids is considered the biggest airlaid manufacturer, working without adhesives and bonding agents. Germany, Muensterstr. 61-65, 48268 Steinfurt, Germany +49 2552 9334 0 http://www.mcairlaids.com
SHANXI TIANGANG NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD We focus on the research, development and production of UHMW-PE products, our advanced preponderance gives us the capacity to produce a variety of high-quality products tailored to users. China, Dongxu International Industrial Casting Zone, Lvliang Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province, China 863587820959 http://www.chinauhmwpe.com
UNIVAC Manufacture and sale of barrier laminates:\n shrink bags for cheese ripening and consumer packaging,\n shrink bags for vacuum packaging of meat products. 17, Pavshino, 143405, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (903) 355-1509 (./mob.) http://www.univac.by
UMT-INDUSTRY LLC Production of trays for sealing and containers with a lid, as well as a wide selection of related materials (moisture-absorbing napkins, films for sealing), manual/semi-automatic sealers. Russia, 18A, Gagarina Str., Istra District, 143530, Dedovsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 992-3812 / 13 http://www.umt-i.ru
HEBEI SHENGMAO PACKING MATERIALS CO. LTD. Shengmao Packing has been in the clipper and clips business for more than 26 years, we offer many kinds of reel clips, U clips and small clippers. Clips can fit many Poly and Tipper Tie machines. Liutuoying Industrial Zone, Boye County, Baoding, Hebei (071000), China +86 (137) 3020-1700 http://www.shengmaogongsi.com
SCHOLLE IPN EASTERN EUROPE Manufacturing and supplying packaging Bag-In-Box and Drum Bags (1-1200 l)
GEORG POLYMER JSC Production of sealing containers, a comprehensive solution for sealing your products in a tray from the manufacturer. 72, Synkovo Settlement, 142184, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (495) 419-0556 http://www.georgpolymer.ru
MULTIPACK Production of film for thermoforming BOPS, PET/PE, PET, OPS shrink film for sleeve labels, plastic packaging: PET/PE, PET trays, universal containers. 21, Fedyuninskogo Str., Gomel, Republic of Belarus +375 232 21 25 87 http://vasystems.ru
MONDI GROUP As one of the largest producers in Russia and the CEE, Mondi Aramil and Pereslavl produce high-quality barrier packaging with excellent print quality options for meat, cheese, and dairy products. Russia, 25, Klubnaya Str., 624000, Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia +7 (343) 311-95-30 http://www.mondigroup.com
MULTIPACK FPUE Production of film for thermoforming BOPS, PET, PP, OPS shrink film for sleeve labels, plastic packaging: PET/PE, PP/PE trays, universal containers. Republic of Belarus, 21, Fedyuninskogo Str., Gomel, Republic of Belarus +375 (232) 21-25-87 http://www.multipack.by
BLASTOR Manufacturer of polymer food packaging with more than 16-year experience in the market and more than 250 items in the portfolio. The company develops and manufactures individual packaging based on customer requests. Bldg. 6, 35, Korovinskoe Shosse, 125412, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 788-5695 http://www.lima-france.com
FENCO FOOD MACHINERY S.R.L. Our main business is the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of equipment for the food industry and complete lines for processing of tomatoes, fruit and vegetables manufacturing. Italy, Via Prampolini 40, 43044 Lemignano di Collecchio, Italy +39 (0521) 303429 http://www.fenco.it
FlexBlow Universal blow molding machines with variable production speeds that are designed for ultra flexible bottle production with necks ranging from 18 to 120 mm, hot-fill bottles and oval containers. Republic of Lithuania, Vytauto g. 114A, LT-97133 Kretinga, Republic of Lithuania 37044551431 https://www.flexblow.com
TARA.RU Production and sale of plastic boxes, isothermic containers, pallets, BigBox, waste containers, barrels, canisters, canisters, IBC, technical liquids container. 143, Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony, 192171, Saint Petersburg, Russia 8 800 555 7756 http://www.tara.ru
RUSKHIMSET First national universal chemical distributor in Russia and CIS countries. The company specializes in supplying of chemical raw materials and functional additives for many industries. Office 1806, 21, Novy Arbat Str., 119019, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 730-1212 http://www.rushimset.ru
VACUMPAK-M Production and supply of materials for vacuum packaging: multilayer barrier films for all types of automatic lines, vacuum and shrink bags, casings for sausages. 2A, Altuf'evskoe Shosse, 127273, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 580-7008
PLASTMASS GROUP Plastmass Group is a manufacturer of polymers and composites and has been in the market for over 15 years. The company produces such materials as ZEDEX (PET, PPS, PEEK, PEI), HMWPE and UHMWPE, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyacetal, etc. 1, Zavodskaya Str., Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region, Russia +7 (499) 951-7941 https://ingredients.pro
AMPAC PACKAGING Ampac Packaging is the leading European supplier of food packaging in Russia. The company specializes in the development of packaging solutions for meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and fruit. ul. Batorego 23, lokal 6, Gdynia, Poland +48 665 141 475, +48 58 710 84 27 http://www.ampacpackaging.ru
URALPLASTIC-N Uralplastic-N is the producer of flexible polymeric packaging. In company\'s product portfolio there are more than 300 types of finished goods for food and non-food application. 25, Klubnaya Str., 624000, Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia +7 (343) 311-9530 http://www.uralplastic.com
SUNPACK PRINT Manufacturer of polymer packaging. 17 years on the market. Hundreds of customers all over Russia. We make viket-packages for bread and packages for confectionery products, BOPP-films with multicolor printing. 20, Stankostroiteley Str., 153032, Ivanovo, Russia +7 4932 58-13-67 http://www.sun-pack.ru
EKOPET Lower thermoforming PET film laminated for food packaging sealable out with the gas also. PET color film, metallized. Rigid plastic packaging. 5, Tetsevskaya Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia +7 (843) 571-9195 http://www.eco-pet.ru
STIROLPLAST Company Stirolplast is one of the large manufacturers of plastic disposable dishes and packaging, as well as PET, PET / PE, PS, and PP sheets for thermoforming in the Russian Federation. Zolotoy Vek Business Centre, 18, 3rd Yamskogo Polya Str., 125040, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 741-4446 http://www.stirolplast.ru
SCHUR FLEXIBLES RUS Innovative high-barrier flexible packaging for the food and healthcare industries, for all types of packaging equipment, with full colour printing, for pasteurization/sterilization, MAP. 146, Leninskiy Prospekt, 119526, Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 221-2813 http://www.schurflexibles.com
KOROZO Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.S KOROZO has over 45 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry and can produce a huge variety of high quality options that are sure to meet your food and non-food requirements. Turkey, Ataturk Mahallesi, Orhan Veli Caddesi, No: 12 34522 Kirac, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey +90 212 866 66 66 http://www.korozo.com.tr
GP LLC Production of polymer trays for the food industry for various tasks (sealing, heat resistance, frost resistance, barrier, etc.). Manufacture of GE3X semi-automatic tray sealing. Russia, 42, Bol'shaya Kalitnikovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia +7 (495) 978-9188 http://www.greatpack.ru

We invite small and large companies, manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of containers and packaging as exhibitors of the Agroprodmash exhibition, and as professional visitors from various fields of the agro-industrial industry.