• APM Raw Materials Processing
  • APM MeatTech
    Equipment for meat processing and sausage making. Slaughtering equipment and preliminary meat processing
  • APM PoultryTech
    Poultry breeding and processing
  • APM Fish Technology
    Fish and seafood processing
  • APM SweetTech
    Confectionery equipment
  • APM Bakery
    Bakery Equipment
  • APM GrainTech
    Grain processing. Production of flour, pasta
  • APM FruitMash
    Fruit and vegetables processing. Canning equipment
  • APM DairyTech
    Dairy and cheese production
  • APM Bottling
    Equipment and technology for production and bottling of liquid and viscous food, and beverages
  • APM DrinkTech
    Equipment and technology for beverage production
  • APM Ice reamTech
    Ice cream equipment
  • Ingredients. Additives. Spices. Technology of producing
  • APM Casings
  • APM Refrigeration
    Refrigeration equipment. Ventilation and A/C systems
  • APM Packaging
    Packaging equipment and materials. Portioning, bottling, labeling equipment
  • APM Weighing & Measuring Equipment
  • APM Logistic
    Warehouse equipment. Logistics. Transport
  • APM Automation Solutions
  • APM Food Hygiene
  • APM Floor Coverings
  • APM Food Safety
    Food safety and quality control
  • APM Recycling
  • APM Complect
    Components, machinery and materials for food production
  • APM International
    Foreign national pavilions
  • APM Russian Regions
    Russian regional expositions