Application submission date is March 10, 2019.
Late applications are also admitted. Invitations are sent only if exhibition space is available.

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The rental rate for the open air area is 50% of the rate for the exhibition area in pavilions.
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1. APM Food Technology
Basic food technology. Processing of raw materials. Food production.
End-to-end engineering solutions
2. APM Raw Materials Processing
3. APM MeatTech
Equipment for meat processing and sausage making.  
Slaughtering equipment and preliminary meat processing
4. APM Casings
5. APM PoultryTech
Poultry breeding and processing
6. APM Fish Technology
Fish and seafood processing. Fish-breeding
7. APM SweetTech
Confectionery equipment
8. APM Bakery
Bakery Equipment
9. APM GrainTech
Grain processing. Production of flour
10. APM PastaTech
Pasta Technology
11. APM FruitMash
Fruit and vegetables processing.  Canning equipment
12. APM DairyTech
Dairy and cheese production
13. APM DrinkMash
Equipment and technology for production of beverages
14. APM Bottling
Equipment and technology for production and bottling of liquid and viscous food, and beverages
15. APM Coffee&TeaTech
16. APM Packaging
Packaging equipment and materials. Portioning, bottling, labeling equipment
17. APM Complect
Components, machinery and materials for food production
18. APM Ingredients
Ingredients. Additives. Spices.  Technology of producing
19. APM IngredientsTech
Equipment for Ingredients Production
20. APM OilTech
Equipment for Vegetable Oil, Sauce Production, liquid and viscous food
21. APM Food Safety
Food safety and quality control
22. APM Automation Solutions
23. APM  Weighing & Measuring  Equipment
24. APM Food Hygiene
25. APM Floor Coverings
26. APM Refrigeration
Refrigeration equipment. Ventilation and A/C systems
27. APM Logistics
Warehouse equipment. Logistics. Transport
28. APM Invest
Leasing, loans and investments in the agricultural industry
29. APM Construction
Construction and reconstruction of food processing facilities
30. APM International
Foreign national pavilions
31. Other (please specify)

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