Alexey Paramonov, Head of the Sales Team for Regular Customers, BEGARAT:

Our company treats Agroprodmash as an image-building event. It is a tradition that has been going on for some 25 years. The equipment market is changing a lot these days. Our company has always held a leading position. This year we have brought a lot of equipment that arouses great interest among our customers. The market for meat processors is quite narrow, but the geography is vast.

For example, today we had customers from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, and Kaliningrad. This show is very important, so that people from different regions come and talk to each other in person. This is a festivity for them in a certain sense. This is the most important exhibition of the year, to which our customers come. In addition to offering our lines, we get feedback: what they care about and what we, as a company, can offer to solve their problems. It is the place to meet and discuss the further development of our company and the entire industry.

Dmitry Tsaplev, Director of the Industrial Development Fund of Krasnodar Krai:

The stand was organised with the support of the Krasnodar Region Administration, the Department of Industrial Policy, the Industrial Development Fund, and the Krasnodar Region Export Support Centre. We have 11 companies represented at our group stand. This is the third year we have taken part in this exhibition, and every year we grow. Agroprodmash shows its effectiveness. Companies are asking to expand the range of participants.

If we analyse the deals concluded during Agroprodmash last year, they amounted to 5 million immediately and another 90 million on a long term basis. This is why it is not just about advertising, but also about the conclusion of existing contracts and significant deals, the acquisition of new partners and customers, and the creation of new collaborations.

Aleksandr Nenashev, Executive Director, Poly-clip System:

This is a traditional show for our company. The entire range of clipping equipment is currently on display here. We are always taking part in this show because it is the place to meet our partners, and new and potential customers. It is a place of networking that cannot be replaced. We grow ourselves and grow the companies we work with. We present new products here. It is better to see them once than hear about them a hundred times.

A good exhibition keeps on giving for a year. Thanks to it we find new partners and clients. After a good work here, we think over the results and think over our further strategy and development. I hope that next year we will continue to meet and network with clients and find new ones, without forgetting about the old ones. The timing of the show is convenient.

Aleksandra Bessonova, Head of the Export Support Centre of Penza Oblast:

This show is very much in demand among small and medium-sized companies. Penza is the confectionery capital of Russia. To make the best sweets in Russia, you need the best equipment. That is why we are exhibiting here for the second year running. There is a synergy here. Firstly, companies exchange their experience of taking part in the show. Secondly, they share their own tips on how to work better with clients and which items are most in demand. In addition, the group stand creates a certain flow of visitors. That is, those companies who know the Penza region and have already bought equipment there go to our stand. 

Participation in a show of this scale is a tremendous experience for our companies and employees.

Pavel Volkov, Head of the Export Support Centre of Tver Oblast:

We have been taking part in this show since 2016. Agroprodmash is an international exhibition. Today there are mainly companies from the CIS and the EAEU which are of interest to us. On the other hand, there is also interregional cooperation within the Russian Federation, which is also of interest to our entrepreneurs. At our group stand, we have tried to combine both our latest developments in the food industry and agriculture in general.

The group stand represents a larger scale. The companies exhibiting there have been selected, and the region guarantees their integrity and reliability. Agroprodmash is the largest exhibition, and participation in it is important to them for at least two reasons. The first one is an opportunity to generate new partners, and the second one is image building. After all, if you are not at the largest show in Europe and Russia, then the question arises how big your company is, how ambitious it is. Therefore, participation in this show is a huge benefit for our companies.

Maria Shilova, Senior Manager of the Entrepreneurship Support Centre of Voronezh Oblast:

Agroprodmash is a very popular show. This is not the first year we have organised a group stand there. Booking for it go straight away. As soon as the show is over, companies immediately apply to take part in the next one. The participants get a tremendous return on investment: new clients, advertising, a big incentive for development. Its only halfway through the first day of this show, but the exhibitors have told us that they already had a lot of contacts.