Seminars for exhibitors on effective participation in trade shows

Small and medium-sized businesses are a backbone of the Russian economy, a principle taxpayer and a job creator. However SMB require special attention and support on the part of the government and society. EXPOCENTRE trade shows and forums enable small enterprises to showcase their products to potential customers, get relevant information, establish business relations, and sign lucrative contacts.

Great experience and the latest technology enable EXPOCENTRE to provide return on investment made by small and medium-sized companies on participation in a trade show.

To take full advantage of exhibition resources, one should know what techniques and strategies are the most effective and how to use them. EXPOCENTRE holds seminars (in Russian) for exhibitors on effective participation in trade shows. We were the first in Russia who offered such a program. Our achievements in this field still remain unrivalled. The range of exhibitors is very wide from self-employed entrepreneurs to the largest Russian or transnational corporations. Since 2006 EXPOCENTRE has held 109 seminars featuring more than 7,690 participants from more than 500 cities of Russia and its neighbouring countries.

EXPOCENTREs free seminars aimed to enhance effectiveness of trade show participation and consultation centres provide small companies with an opportunity to work out a strategy of their participation in trade shows, set the main marketing and advertising goals.