AGROPRODMASH – number 1 exhibition for the food processing industry in Russia.

AGROPRODMASH is considered to be the largest industry exhibition of achievements in the food and processing industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. The high authority of the forum is confirmed by the participation of world industry leaders from 36 countries, like Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, USA, Austria, Spain, China and major Russian food companies in this prestige show. Since the first edition of Agroprodmash in 1996, its exposition space has more than tripled, the number of exhibiting companies has increased more than  twice.
16 thematic salons of AGROPRODMASH exposition cover every sector of the Food processing industry: from receiving raw products to the manufacture of products ready for sale,including equipment, materials, technology, ingredients, certification,shipping, packaging and storage. For more information >>

Total exposition area – 61.476 sq. m.

Exhibitors - 803 from 36 countries

Visitors - 25 000 from 60 countries

Number of Visits – 25.120
Visitors from 63

National visitors from 900 cities and
towns of the Russian Federation. 

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The Russian food processing industry is one of the most significant and rapidly growing branches comprising

  • 60.000 enterprises

  • 142 million consumers

  • The share of food productions is 24% of the Russian industry
«Ingredients» Salon

AGROPRODMASH: one of the largest sectors of the exhibition, the Ingredients Salon, is devoted to such important part of the food processing industry as various food additives and ingredients.

  • Food additives and ingredients for
    • Meat, poultry, egg products, fish and seafood,
    • confectionery and bakery products
    • pasta products,
    • dairy and cheese products,
    • fruit and berry products, vegetable products,
    • nut products;
    • sauces, ketchup, dressings, mustard
    • spirits, liqueurs and wines;
  • Flavours, colours;
  • Proteins (non-dairy, non-soya), protein hydrolyzates, peptides, aminoacids;
  • Hydrocolloids (thickening agents, gelling systems, stabilizers);
  • Yeast products, cultures and fermentation starters;
  • Fats and oils, fat substitutes;
  • Ingredients for healthy nutrition (vitamins, dietary fibers, mineral substances, polyunsaturated fatty acids and their sources, prebiotics).

Among the major International exhibitors in this thematic salon are such leaders of the industry as: FIVESTAR DEHYDRATION, KERRY INGREDIENTS AND FLAVOURS, BK GIULINI, SOJAPROTEIN, PAKOVIS AG, REGIS SP ZOO, ALMI, MOGUNTIA and others.

AGROPRODMASH trade fair photos
MATIMEX – Food ingredients
MATIMEX – Food ingredients