Feedback from exhibitors and visitors to Agroprodmash 2023

12 / 10 / 2023

Ismail Enveroglu, Director for the CIS and Russia at SOFUAR:

It is the first time that we organise a group stand in the National Pavilion of Turkiye with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade. It is at Agroprodmash because it is the most extensive exhibition in Russia in this sector, in which Turkish companies are most interested. 

All the meetings were successful, and our participants were very satisfied. We hope that next year there will be many companies once again that will wish to participate in this particular exhibition in the national pavilion of the Republic of Turkiye. 

All our participants came to Agroprodmash for the first time. They saw the potential of this exhibition, and this potential will increase every year. We have state support, i.e. the interests of the state coincide with the interests of the companies present here. So this project is very important. We will continue our cooperation next year too.

Konstantin Kutsevol, Founder and CEO at Casaro

We manufacture equipment for artisanal cheese-making. Now we are representing one of the Yaroslavl companies at the stand of the Yaroslavl region.

This is not the first time we have participated under the flag of the Yaroslavl region, but we also had experience of participating in Agroprodmash as an independent exhibitor. 

Not only Russian customers come to the exhibition. Today we have signed a contract with representatives of companies from Turkmenistan and reached a preliminary agreement with customers from Kyrgyzstan. You can also meet companies from India, Pakistan, African countries, and many others. 

Any contract signed at Agroprodmash is a major contract, because there are many serious companies that have been in the market for a long time. It means that mutually beneficial cooperation will be long-term.

Yulia Yakovets, Head of the Export Promotion Department at the Export Support Centre of the Kaluga Region

This year we are participating at Agroprodmash for the first time as part of a group stand. We always have a lot of applications for this exhibition, hence it is in demand among companies from Kaluga. 

First of all, we are interested in entering international markets. The Export Support Centre is interested in export-oriented companies. Enterprises from the CIS and other countries visit this exhibition, and after that companies sign export contracts. That is why we want to highlight our producers: we want to make a beautiful and noticeable stand for them in order to attract more customers. I hope that our efforts will help these companies to find new customers.

Kristina Aleshchenko, Specialist of the Export Support Centre of the Omsk Region

We take part in this event every year, as Agroprodmash is one of the target exhibitions for our companies. We receive annual requests from entrepreneurs to participate in Agroprodmash. Requests came immediately after the exhibition last year. Then we had one company with an individual stand, and after that we started receiving requests for the creation of a group stand. 

In spring, we held a selection for individual stands, but there were a lot of people interested, so we decided to organise a group stand to ensure that all participants were happy. Everyone had an opportunity to find new potential clients and work with new foreign companies. 

This year the number of exhibitors has increased. We have a lot of interested people coming to our stand, so we are very much looking forward to concluding export contracts after the end of the exhibition.

Olga Krasovskaya, CEO at Meat Olimp

Agroprodmash is definitely the main and most important event of the year for us.  We have already sold most of the machines from our stand, i.e. we have already signed contracts, even though it is only the second day of the exhibition.  After the event, the equipment will go not to our warehouse, but directly to production facilities, to the meat processing plants of our valued partners. 

The format of the event is very convenient. I can see it from year to year, because our buyers come here not only for equipment solutions, but also for packaging, ingredients and so on. The visitors will be able to find everything under one roof, because it is not cost-effective for an enterprise to come here for the sake of a single thing. The fact that visitors will be able to see absolutely all offers within one exhibition makes Agroprodmash a real event of the year.

Christian Traino, CEO at ILPRA Rus

Our company has been participating in Agroprodmash for more than 10 years. At first we participated as an Italian company, but in recent years we have been participating as a Russian representative office of ILPRA Rus.   

Recently it has become especially important for us to participate in this exhibition, as this is a challenging period for the market. This year our aim was to demonstrate our intention to develop and grow in the Russian market. It is very important for us to make ourselves known as a strong and interesting partner from Europe. 

Participation in Agroprodmash has always yielded good results. There are always many visitors at this exhibition. This year our expectations have been fully met. We talked to a large number of visitors, and the event as a whole was very active.

Ayrat Fardeev, CEO at Complex Equipment

Agroprodmash is one of the best exhibitions in Russia. The purpose of our participation is to familiarise customers with the company's new products. 

This is the first time that we have participated in this event. We have often been here as visitors and have seen its scale. It has always amazed us with its size. This year we decided to take part in order to promote ourselves, our products and capabilities. 

Agroprodmash is comprehensive and interesting because all manufacturers are represented here, starting from raw materials to equipment and processing. It covers the food industry that is a strategically important sector of our country's economy. I believe that this exhibition is the largest that we have in this industry.

Ilya Yakushev, CEO at Industrial Solutions

We have been familiar with the exhibition for a long time as we have been participating since its first edition. As for us, our objectives at the exhibition are mainly image-related. It is very convenient that here, at Agroprodmash, we have the opportunity to talk to all our customers and look at our competitors and partners. 

It seems to us that this is a very active exhibition. Already by the end of Wednesday, we had almost no energy left, but we are very satisfied with the results of three days. 

Next year we will definitely make a bigger stand, demonstrate new implemented projects, show an expanded portfolio, and pleasantly surprise our clients.

Dmitry Volkov, Head of Regional Sales at CHST Standart

For us, Agroprodmash is primarily an opportunity to demonstrate to our customers the changes that have taken place in the company. Earlier we simply supplied equipment of a good European brand. Now we have started to manufacture it as well using our enormous experience of more than 25 years. 

This exhibition is a great tool that we use primarily to meet our customers, invite them to our stand to demonstrate our products and to hold negotiations. Doing business, it is important to hear your client. Agroprodmash is exactly the kind of exhibition that allows you to meet and discuss business relations and further development. 

It is necessary to continue this good tradition, which we have resumed this year. We also plan to take part in it in the coming years, as the potential of this exhibition is very great.

Anton Mitroshkin, CEO at Sealed Air

This exhibition is the most important event for us. First, we participated in it to develop our business, now we do it to maintain it and expand ties with our clients. 

This is a unique platform where you can get together, discuss everything, solve issues and find out who has taken what steps in business. It is always interesting to look at competitors. We are not afraid of them and try to outdo them. 

New partners appear every year. Business in Russia is definitely on the rise. It takes just to walk round the exhibition to realise this. 

This exhibition helps us to develop our business and find new destinations and new companies to work with.

Natalia Dzudza, Head of Marketing and Advertising at THERMOCOOL

Agroprodmash is our target exhibition, because THERMOCOOL is a leader in refrigeration of the agro-industrial industry. It so happened that for 25 years of the company's existence, we participate in Agroprodmash for the 18th time. 

This year, we were particularly pleased to see so many of our customers whom we last saw before the pandemic. It is interesting that almost all the audience that attended the exhibition was our target audience. They came with ready-made technical specifications, and our specialists could start discussing the options for solving the problems they faced right away. 

In my opinion, the strength of this exhibition is that despite the difficult years, the number of pavilions and exhibitors is consistently high. 

Agroprodmash remains the main exhibition for us. We always find energy and resources for it, because at least once a year we need to meet our partners. 

Artyom Berezutsky, Commercial Director at TDNT ENGINEERING

We believe that Agroprodmash is one of the key exhibitions for the entire domestic food industry. We are participating for the second year, and we see that all representatives of the industry are present here today. That is why all five days of this exhibition there is a huge interest on the part of visitors. 

We thank that it is one of the best food exhibitions in Russia. Next year we will definitely participate again. We plan to bring some more interesting products. We now have equipment in operation that produces spare parts right at our stand during the exhibition, so we will be looking for new interesting technical solutions for the development of the scientific and industrial complex in Russia.