Refrigeration industry: efficient solutions for the food industry

12 / 10 / 2023

The conference on the Refrigeration Industry: Effective Solutions for the Food and Food Processing Industry organised for exhibitors and visitors to the Agroprodmash 2023 exhibition by the Russian Union of Refrigeration Enterprises together with EXPOCENTRE AO gathered a large number of participants.

Addressing the specialists of the enterprises interested in finding modern technologies and equipment for production, processing and storage of agricultural products made in Russia, Yury Dubrovin, Chairman at the Management Board of Rossoyuzkholodprom, Academician at the International Academy of Refrigeration, noted that the participants in the Agroprodmash 2023 exhibition should know what the best energy-efficient technological solutions are present in the industry. The agroindustrial sector cannot work efficiently, save everything that was produced, without the refrigeration industry, he emphasised.

The conference speakers, who are representatives of top companies in the refrigeration industry, spoke about ready-made technological solutions for various sectors of the food and food processing industry, as well as how to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of refrigeration equipment at enterprises.

The attention of the professional audience was attracted by the reports of Yevgeny Povalyaev, Technical Director of the Refrigeration Department at Ridan, Sergey Gusev, Head of Production and Technical Department at Trade Group, Head of Refrus Direction, Viktor Sachkov, Commercial Director at Thermocool Group, and other managers and specialists of the domestic refrigeration industry.

The topics covered were selection of refrigeration equipment necessary for enterprises, reduction of expenses on its operation, reliability of refrigeration supply systems, design and operation of modern cooling towers, industrial safety in relation to refrigeration plants, and many other aspects of practical use of refrigeration systems in the food and food processing industry.

During the conference, there was a departmental award ceremony of the Russian Ministry of Industry for representatives of enterprises, namely members of Rossoyuzkholodprom, as well as signing of a cooperation agreement between this organisation and the Eurasian Investment Agency.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO