Robots in the food industry

13 / 10 / 2022

The Russian Association of Robotics and EXPOCENTRE AO held the Conference on Robots in the Food Industry at Agroprodmash 2022 in partnership with Meridian, a company specialising in industrial automation.

There were two sessions. The first one focused on robotisation trends in the food industry and the second on the problems of implementing robots in the food industry. Both sessions were moderated by Executive Director at the Russian Association of Robotics Olga Mudrova. According to her, the food industry is one of the key areas where automation is going on, and there are positive trends in the robotisation of the industry as well. Robots can help solve many issues related to food production and quality requirements.  

Commercial Director at Meridian Evgeny Galtsev spoke about the experience of implementing robotic systems in the food industry under the current constraints. Commercial Director at Aripix Robotics Dmitry Zaichenko drew the attention of his colleagues to the response that robots could provide to the challenges faced by the food industry today. Deputy Director at Robowizard Roman Timofeev devoted his report to robotic stacking of finished products on pallets and simple solutions for complex tasks. General Director of Nevlabs Alexander Nevolin shared the modern approaches to robot vision in robotized solutions for palletizing and quality control. The speeches of other speakers were also met with great interest.

During the conference, it was noted that robotisation increases the efficiency of enterprises and reduces the burden on personnel, while creating conditions for more stringent quality control of products. It is also noteworthy that the trend towards robotisation of large holdings and groups involved in meat processing, dairy farming, dairy products and crop production is being picked up by medium and small businesses, introducing robots in different areas of their production.

Many factories are already successfully using milking robots, harvesting robots, sorting robots and robot manipulators, both individually and as a system. Labelling robots, robot palletisers, robot stackers, logistics robots and many others are actively used for conveyor areas.

The speakers spoke about the product and technology innovations currently being offered by robotics developers and integrators, the opportunities for increasing productivity and import substitution using robotic technologies, as well as packaging robotisation and important nuances of robotisation of food production logistics. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO