Agroprodmash 2022: poultry farmers have no plans to raise prices of their products

11 / 10 / 2022

EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds hosted the Panel Discussion on Poultry and Egg Processing was held at Expocentre. Success via Effective Solutions: Practical Approach, Scientific Innovations, Legal Regulations. Starting from 2019, EXPOCENTRE has been organising this event in partnership with the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Poultry Processing Industry as part of the Agroprodmash exhibition.

The discussion always takes place in the format of an active professional dialogue and exchange of opinions on the processing of poultry products, their competitiveness, safety and innovative development of the industry's enterprises. This year, it once again brought together renowned speakers from the scientific and business communities, and professionals from poultry farms and holdings.

The discussion began with a speech by Galina Bobyleva, CEO of the Poultry Union of Russia. She noted that in the current environment, domestic poultry farmers continue to successfully meet the challenges of ensuring the country's food security and saturating the Russian market with affordable and high-quality products. Today, they produce five million tons of poultry in slaughter weight. The market is supplied with a wide range of products for all segments of the population. Already about 80% of our poultry companies have their own feed mills. For eggs, at the established rational norm of 260 eggs per capita, 280 eggs are produced.

"We are not raising prices today. They rose very slightly last year for poultry meat. As for egg prices, they have not risen for two years. We understand that the country must be fed with products affordable to the population. The answer is clear: there are no plans to raise the prices of our products," said the head of the Russian Poultry Union.

Employees of the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Poultry Processing Industry and the Russian Research and Technological Poultry Institute, managers and other professionals of poultry enterprises, who took an active part in the discussion, talked about the development of classification of poultry slaughter products, packaging solutions for food products, new technologies and range of egg products, construction of genetic selection facilities, and other issues.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO