Feedback from the Agroprodmash 2021 exhibitors and visitors

03 / 12 / 2021

Sergey Mitin, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management:

 In the dynamics of the last 5-10 years, agribusiness is a steadily growing sector of the economy. The products grown have to be processed. That is why the Agroprodmash exhibition is important. It is an opportunity to see new technology, to see what equipment is more profitable - imported or domestic. The exhibition opened for the 26th time and features a fairly representative range of companies, organisations and technologies they represent.

The government pays a lot of attention to this sector. I am grateful to my colleagues that the Forum on Food Processing Machinery is organised at the exhibition. We need to determine which sectors are most in demand, which government efforts should be made.

Stefan Kresse, CEO of IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH:

 It is very important that Agroprodmash represents all sectors of food production and processing. Participation here covers all the needs of German companies. This year, more German companies are taking part in the trade show than in 2019. Agroprodmash is an exhibition where a company can show its equipment not only on posters, on screens, but in a real form. It can therefore be compared with the world's leading trade shows.

Here at the exhibition, you can communicate directly with producers and get an immediate response. That's why I believe that marketing without exhibitions doesn't work. Come next year, we will be waiting for you at the same venue.

Francesco Pensabene, Director of ICE in Moscow:

 Italian companies return with a full-scale participation. This year, some 20 major Italian companies are taking part in the exhibition. Italy is the second supplier of food processing equipment to the Russian market. Undoubtedly, this exhibition is of great importance, first and foremost, in meeting the needs of the Russian market. Of course, it would be ideal to present the entire food chain of agricultural machinery, processing machines, and equipment for the food industry.

Anastasia Nevolina, Development Director at AMATA SCALE:

 Last year we also took part in Agroprodmash. The exhibition exists even in a coronavirus environment. Online is never a substitute for live communication. This year people are coming, the exhibition is getting busier. We have received many real orders for the equipment we have brought. We are glad that Russian equipment is becoming more and more popular and in demand every year. Most of the visitors come from Russia. From different regions - from Krasnodar to Far East. Next year we will definitely come again with some new products.

Dmitry Kharchenko, CEO at Promsytex OOO:

 For our company, this is the most important trade show of the year. We showcase new products, both to our regular customers and to our dealers. The exhibition is the only opportunity to present all the products on demo stands. Our experience tells us that it is necessary to take a big stand at the exhibition. The task of our managers at the exhibition is not only to demonstrate their equipment, but also to see imported equipment and the latest developments in order to understand which direction to take.

The quality of the audience at the show has increased, the visitors are all targeted. Next year we want to increase the stand area.

Andrey Bondarenko, Commercial Director at Texna:

 This exhibition will be remembered for the fact that, after a long break in communication, we got to see our customers again. We have seen a great deal of interest in everything relating to poultry farming. All the customers we invited were at our stand. A lot of people from the Russian regions and almost all of the post-Soviet republics. At the next exhibition, we are likely to bring working samples so that customers can see how our equipment works.

We have been taking part in the exhibition for many years, and I would like to say that this year it is massive. There are a lot of visitors.

Marina Muratova, Lead Sales Manager at GSKB Pyatigorsk:

 We have been taking part in this exhibition for four years. This year we were helped to exhibit by a business support organisation in Stavropol. Every exhibition brings us many clients. So Agroprodmash is our industry exhibition. We have a large clientele from different regions. Yesterday they came from Siberia. Today we met a client who is not far from us. The geography is vast.