IT professionals told about agricultural industry digitalisation

06 / 10 / 2021

The Congress on the Agriculture Industry Digitalisation is taking place within the 26th Agroprodmash international exhibition. It is held by CROC IT Company jointly with EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of Digital Economy ANO.

Market leaders and representatives from the industry's largest companies discuss key trends in the digitalisation of the food industry and share their experiences of implementing advanced digital solutions.

In his welcome address to the congress, Alexey Vyalkin, Director General of EXPOCENTRE AO, expressed confidence that "the forthcoming discussions will be of practical significance for industry professionals and participants in the equipment, machinery and ingredients market for the food and food processing industry".

At the official opening ceremony, EXPOCENTRE's First Deputy Director General Sergey Selivanov thanked CROC IT Company for choosing Expocentre Fairgrounds as the venue for the congress and noted the importance of digitalisation for the development of the exhibition and congress industry, among other things.

"At EXPOCENTRE, we pay considerable attention to digitalisation," said Sergey Selivanov, "we introduce new digital services and new CRM systems to increase the efficiency of interaction with clients.

The conference participants were also welcomed on behalf of the organisers by Alexander Eder, Business Development Director for Agribusiness at CROC IT, and Elena Volkovskaya, Marketing Director of this company and Head of the Digital Marketing Laboratory, who moderated various sessions and roundtables at the conference after the opening.

The conference opened with a panel discussion on "Digitalisation of transport logistics and its role in food exports". As noted by experts, the modernisation of the logistics system and the creation of intelligent logistics systems in producers' and transporters' companies play an increasingly important role in the growth of export flows. Such systems are a reliable internal platform for development. Participants of the conference discussed trends and challenges of digitalisation of logistics, and major market players shared their practical experience of implementing and using innovative solutions in logistics.

The Panel on Measures to Support Digital Projects in the Food Industry discussed key measures of state support for digitalisation of food industry enterprises. Experts provided an overview of the agricultural industry investment market and spoke about the successful experience of vegetable producers in terms of launching successful investment projects.

In addition, the conference talked about IT start-ups that have proven their effectiveness in the food industry, and ecosystems for end-to-end digital processes to build the foundation for digital business transformation.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO