Feedback AGROPRODMASH 2020

09 / 10 / 2020

Sergey Katyrin, President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- In the challenging conditions of the pandemic EXPOCENTREs staff managed to assemble a very worthy exhibition. There were 250 Russian exhibitors alone and about 100 foreign exhibitors. For us, Russians, this exhibition is important because here we can see new technologies and equipment for food processing, in which, unfortunately, we are still limping.
We export quite a lot of grain, but as raw material. But we can make a lot of products from grain. And if we did it with added value, we would have reached a different level of profit in foreign trade. But it is equally important to provide the Russians with decent quality food, implement an import substitution programme so that we could use our equipment and technologies. At the same time we should always compare ourselves with foreign partners and competitors to understand what technologies work.
It is necessary to fight for the markets, and to do this you should try to make the products extremely cheaper. It means to automate, to robotize production. That is why the exhibition is extremely important. And it has a very good programme of supporting events, which starts from the first day. Many people came up to me and said that they wanted to take part in various discussions. This concerns the regulatory framework, work with legislators, subordinate acts, work with ministries and agencies. This is an opportunity to create your own food processing development programme, which is not an independent programme yet. The exhibition has a substantial content part.

Ekaterina Luchkina, Executive Director of the National Union of Meat Processors:

- For meat processors the Agroprodmash exhibition is of paramount importance. Exactly here, during the exhibition days, the industry enterprises get acquainted with new technological decisions. Almost all world producers of raw materials, ingredients and equipment bring their novelties here.
You can get acquainted with all the novelties in a short time and then implement new technological solutions in the work of your enterprises, gaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, the visit to the Agroprodmash exhibition by the meat processing industry is always at the highest level. Cooperation and dialogue at the exhibition with retail chains, government officials and business partners are also of great importance for us. Agroprodmash is a platform, which allows finding solutions to many problems.

Marina Kostyushenko, Director of the Research Institute of Baking Industry:

- At the Bread Business Forum, held within the Agroprodmash exhibition, the problems that have arisen due to the pandemic are discussed, and everyone can offer their own solution, which has allowed to survive in difficult times. Therefore, we are very pleased that the exhibition is held offline and gives the opportunity to network with our colleagues. After all, the online format will never replace live communication.
I would like to thank the organisers for the professional organisation of the Forum. All Rospotrebnadzor requirements have been met. The temperature of participants is checked, there are face masks and gloves. The seating arrangement is thought over. The day before the Forum disinfection of the room was carried out. The organisers observed all the necessary recommendations.

Francesco Pensabene, Director of ICE Moscow Representative Office:

- The decision to participate in the Agroprodmash 2020 exhibition was carefully weighted. We understand that there are certain difficulties in the epidemic conditions. But on the other hand, we couldn't help participating in such an important event for the food equipment industry, as Agroprodmash. At our group stand we represent 20 Italian companies. Italian companies have good opportunities to work in the Russian market, which is strategic for us.
The efficiency of participation in Agroprodmash is proved by the facts. There are prospects for cooperation between our countries in a number of sectors - fish processing industry, vegetable oil production, fine meat processing and vegetable growing. In these areas, Italian-Russian cooperation can develop exponentially. And in this context cooperation with EXPOCENTRE is of particular importance.

Gennady Myndru, Director General of DLG RUS OOO:

- At the Germany group stands we see those German companies that have already managed to settle in the Russian market and mobilise their employees and partners to participate in this exhibition, which has not lost its attractiveness despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. The collective exposition is an instrument of the German state to support its export. Next year, the German exposition will at least reach the size of the last year, or even increase, considering what was missed this year due to the situation with the coronavirus. We look forward positively.

Mikhail Beresnev, Director General of BELCA PACKAGING RUSSIA:

- I have been working in packaging business for a long time and I know very well what Agroprodmash means for a seller and a potential customer. It is important for us that our potential customers see that the equipment presented here is of high quality, that we are able to provide highly qualified service and full support. That's why we brought the packaging machine here, we came as a team, with the technical service in full readiness. Our main target audience is here. Participation in this exhibition is the main event for us.

Denis Cheremnykh, Sales Director of Policon AO:

- For us the Agroprodmash exhibition is one of the major, central. We have not hesitated whether to participate or not. For us, it is a target. We are planning to expand our client base, to get acquainted with new producers, companies that want to organise ice cream production, as our company designs and develops equipment for ice cream production. We have brought new equipment, including small sets for dairy companies, with which they can start producing ice cream.
All exhibitions held at EXPOCENTRE work out. Each brings new customers, new contracts. And at this exhibition, we also hope to find new customers and conclude new contracts. Agroprodmash is strong with its traditions. It brings together food producers not only from all over Russia. For us it is very valuable. Its quality is always at a high level.
This exhibition is well organised also in terms of safety measures. Certainly we plan to participate in it and other exhibitions of EXPOCENTRE in the category for food production equipment in the future.

Sofia Chugunova, Head of Sales Division, Department of Meat Technologies of OMEGA Group:

- This year OMEGA celebrates its 25th anniversary. It has coincided with the 25th anniversary of Agroprodmash. In this we see a good sign. Already at the beginning of the year it was decided to participate in the exhibition, and it has not changed, because Agroprodmash is a landmark event in our industry, the exhibition that our customers are waiting for. This is a great platform for negotiations, where we can communicate in an informal atmosphere, exchange information. So we decided to participate in the exhibition, despite all the difficulties. We had negotiations already on the first day of the exhibition. We have a positive spirit and expect a good flow of clients, business contacts and meetings throughout the exhibition.
We are happy that the exhibition is held, for which we are grateful to the organisers. All safety measures are observed here, and we, from our part, observe them too. This year has shown how important it is for us to be in direct contact with our customers.

Ivan Kalashnikov, Head of Sales Department of VLADISART ZAO:

- The goal of participation in the exhibition is to show that the company has certain developments in technology, equipment for the food industry, so that participants and visitors of the exhibition - representatives of the food industry could learn more about our equipment. Where but at the exhibition it is possible to make yourself known. Before the exhibition, we worked on the customer base. Enterprises with which we have long been working, where there is our equipment, were invited. We held negotiations with them. I would like to draw attention to our equipment of other enterprises too. Our task is to make ourselves known. Here we position ourselves not as technology developers, but as manufacturers of membrane equipment. There is an interest. There were representatives of dairy enterprises, who need effective solutions. Large companies come with quite interesting tasks, which we will be working on after the exhibition.

Dmitry Khrestyanovsky, Director General of Anneliese Rus:

- For a couple of years I came to the Agroprodmash exhibition as a visitor in order to see what it represents. As a result, having visited the exhibition several times, I realised that this format is interesting for us, and last year we participated in it for the first time. Our expectations were met, we were satisfied with the result. And we came to the decision to participate this year, although, of course, all the recent events have made us worried.
Our company is a German firm. We are exactly the example when a foreign manufacturer can participate in the exhibition despite the closure of borders, because we exist in the form of a subsidiary company in Russia. Taking into account all the circumstances, we expected that there would be few people, but today is the second day of the exhibition and according to yesterday's results our fears fortunately did not come true. Usually the first day is warm up, there are few visitors, but yesterday's day pleased. In addition, I managed to participate in a baking forum with a report. I also assumed that there would be few visitors, but everything was justified and there were enough visitors. Therefore, we are satisfied with both yesterday and today. It seems that the frequency of visits to our stand is not less compared to last year. We are happy about it. This year we were offered to take part in a bread forum and it was a very successful combination, because it is an additional opportunity that allows not only to visit the exhibition, but also to get another format for direct communication.

Evgeniy Golovushkin, Head of International Cooperation Department of the Center for Export Support of the Krasnodar Administration:

- We worked out the idea of participation in the exhibition with our colleagues from the Krasnodar Region Development Fund. We selected a pool of companies that have previously participated in the exhibition, understand its prospects, opportunities to find new partners and markets, as the exhibition is international. As a result of the second day's work at the exhibition, we should note the activity. The business is going on. People show their readiness for cooperation.
This is our first exhibition. For us, participation in it is a useful experience. We hope that next year everything will be resolved successfully and more participants will come to the exhibition. We are very interested in it, because our main task as a subject of the export support structure is to promote our products abroad. We will take part in the next exhibition.