At the International Meat Congress, consumer trends were taken into consideration

07 / 10 / 2020

"How Much Will Our Diet Change? Consumer Trends and the Coming Reality" is the main topic of the 10th International Meat Congress which was held within the Agroprodmash 2020 exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. The Congress was organised by the Gorbatov Federal Research Center for Food Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Aleksander Sosnovikov, Business Consultant at Nielsen, a global metering company providing data and analytics for consumer and market research, focused on the current state of the consumer market in the context of the pandemic and its limitations. He gave examples of changes in consumer preferences due to the loss of some of the income of the population, self-isolation, the impact of coronavirus on the status and pricing of the domestic market and promotional activities.

One of the consequences of savings on the part of buyers was the purchase of discount goods. Today the share of such sales in all categories of goods is 53.4%. In some categories, it is higher. For example, sausages and frankfurters promotion sales reach 63% and 67% respectively, said the expert.  "32% of buyers today are looking for goods at a discount or on the stock," - said Aleksander Sosnovikov.

Anastasia Dzhafarova from GfK Marketing Agency continued her review of consumption trends on the Russian meat and meat products market.

Valery Sergeev, Chief Researcher of the Department of Functional and Specialized Nutrition of the FNC, devoted his speech to the evolution of nutrition of the modern man.

Gero Jentzsch, Executive Director of the German Butchers Association, shared his observations about the changed preferences in the choice of meat products.

Also other reports aroused great interest among industry professionals participating in the Congress.

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