Feedback from Agroprodmash exhibitors and visitors

11 / 10 / 2019

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

Speaking of this Agroprodmash edition, the best thing about it is a large number of Russian exhibitors. We can see the results of joint work with enterprises. New types of products are released and quality Russian goods are appearing on the market. Hopefully, the exhibition will continue growing with Russian participants above all.

Expocentre holds over a hundred of exhibitions a year. Many of them are joint undertakings. I'd like to congratulate Expocentre on its anniversary and wish success to the exhibitions it hosts. All of them are well-managed. Exhibitors like it here. I hope Expocentre will continue to develop.

Yury Katsnelson, President, Russian Guild of Bakers and Confectioners

This is a traditional trade show. Industry professionals include it in their plans. It's a convenient venue for meeting with colleagues. Besides, it is interesting to see new products put on display by Russian and foreign exhibitors. There is also a demonstration of current trends. I can say that the exhibition is good as ever.

The trade show business relies on a certain degree of stability. It is a great advantage whenever a venue exists for years and evolves. As a character in a popular movie has once said, "the meeting place cannot be changed," so all of us keep meeting at the Agroprodmash exhibition in Expocentre in October, and this is good.

Vladimir Gorishny, Procurement Head, MiSSP Kropotkinsky Plant

We have been participating in Agroprodmash for over 15 years. We view it as a keynote show. We invite all of our clients to the exhibition and use it as an opportunity to generate new business leads. The exhibitions time is convenient to us. Our business shares its focus. We make equipment for PET blow molding machines. Many food companies bottling mineral waters, juice, vegetable oil, and others use our machines.

So we hold this exhibition in high regard and demonstrate our new equipment here year after year. The exhibition has met our expectations. We have invited our regular clients, discussed major issues, and concluded contracts for delivery of hardware. We have also studied the market and needs of our clients, and have made new contacts. I believe Agroprodmash has already proven successful while there are still a couple of days left. I am sure we will boost our success even further.

Ivan Chebunyayev, Division Manager, Ice Water Generators

Our company has been participating in this trade show for years. We have been a part of Agroprodmash and put our new equipment on display here for six years. We present our new products this time, as well. Each of our machines is unique for Russia and the world.

Agroprodmash gives us a chance to share production unit design practices and draw new clients. We are demonstrating a positional refrigeration unit which uses energy left from heating for cooling purposes. This is not a boiler but a different kind of heating system which halves power consumption and saves electricity.

Agroprodmash meets our goals 100%. Clients interested in our equipment come here. It is our task to familiarize them with our products, so that they could see that Russian hardware is not inferior to imported analogues. Some of our units are unique. The trade show has business-like atmosphere. Its organisers have done well. They have thought of everything.

Anastasia Nevolina, Development Director, Amata Scale

We take part in many international trade shows and have been a participant in Agroprodmash for five years. We are happy to see that it is growing. Lots of foreign visitors come here; it helps promote our products on international markets.

We think this is the biggest trade shows in Russia. We have always viewed it as our focal point. Main clients drawn by us in recent years come from Agroprodmash, which is another big advantage of the show. We are set to sign contracts with visitors. Agroprodmash will help our growth.

Expocentre's employees have been very supportive. We appreciate that. Any disputable issues are dealt with within seconds.

We congratulate Expocentre on its 60th anniversary and wish it to prosper and expand the show with more exhibitors and visitors including foreign ones. We plan to continue our cooperation with the exhibition. We will remain a participant. See you here next year.

Yulia Larina, Chief Specialist, Business Development Agency

The Business Development Agency I represent accommodates needs of companies in the Kaluga region. We ask companies which exhibition they would like to visit. Agroprodmash appears to be the most popular. A poll of companies, who took part in the show last year, indicates its high efficiency.

It is beyond doubt that we will participate in Agroprodmash next year and may even improve our stands. I am sure that Agroprodmash will help sign agreements and contracts and that the Kaluga region will benefit from it.

Kirill Romanov, Expert Consultant, Bryansk Region Export Support Centre

We chose this exhibition and came here to help the Bryansk companies enter global markets as competitive actors and promote exports of Russian goods. We are satisfied with the exhibition: there are lots of visitors and it is situated close to the centre. People come here, ask questions, exchange business cards, and establish contacts. We are hoping to sign dozens of contracts. We will be participating again next year, and will build a collective stand again.

Pavel Tikhon, Robotics and Open-Loop Automation Regional Director, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

We have always viewed Agroprodmash as crucial considering that the market of food industry machines is the target of our company, B+R Industrial Automation, in Russia. We are part of the ABB concern responsible for comprehensive automation of food factories and food machine building for clients all over the world. We are looking for buyers and supporting our partners, machine building companies, at this exhibition.

This is the 12th time we are participating in the exhibition; we can see that our products are winning more attention year upon year. I am happy to say that requirements of productivity and computing and performance capacities are tightening each year, which is a positive trend in the development of Russias food machine building industry.

Importantly, the exhibition gives us a chance of direct communication with clients who use our solutions as part of their machine building systems. Besides, they can give our distributed control system and systems controlling machine building efficiency a try to at their plants. We have a broad range of visitors. This year, buyers are interested in expanding their production as never before. We plan to continue our participation in the Agroprodmash exhibition.

Expocentre is a unique venue due to its transport accessibility and history. Hopefully, our cooperation will continue.

Joachim Frommann, Sales Director, Handtmann

Handtmann has been present on the Russian market for over five years. The Russian market, which ranks fifth by its volume, is very important to us, and the Agroprodmash exhibition is also crucial. This year, our stand has a size of 200 square metres, which is 20 square meters more than last year. People visiting us are authorized to make procurement decisions on site. We are visited by clients from both Russia and its neighbouring countries.

We feel very comfortable at the Agroprodmash exhibition. Our stand has been in this hall since the day of our first appearance at the show. This is the optimal position. We can be easily seen. We have many visitors. We are happy and will return to the exhibition next year without a doubt. We have seen a 50% increase in filled questionnaires.