Agroprodmash'2011 welcomed 683 companies from 35 countries:

Austria India
Poland US

Iceland The Republic of Korea (South Korea) Uzbekistan

UK Italy Belarus Finland
Hungary Canada Russia France
Germany China
Romania The Czech Republic
Greece Latvia Serbia Switzerland
Denmark Lithuania Slovakia Sweden

The Netherlands Slovenia    

The Agroprodmash exhibition plays a significant role in the food and food processing industries and enjoys a high reputation among industry specialists, which is confirmed by exhibiting companies, the majority of which take part in the show every year.

4 times and more 60%
2 - 3 times 19%
1st time 21%

Will 2011 exhibitors take part in Agroprodmash'2012?

Yes 41%
Rather Yes
Difficult to say 13%
Rather No 3%
No 1%

Agroprodmash has a high quality audience of professionals. The majority of exhibitors think so. They were able to appreciate the number and quality of their business leads in the course of the show.

Rather Yes 52%
Yes 19%
Rather No 14%
Difficult to say 8%
No 7%

Are exhibitors satisfied with the quality of business leads at the show?

Rather Yes 53%
Yes 24%
Rather No 9%
Difficult to say 12%
No 2%

Participation in Agroprodmash is the best way to invest in your business. This is what 75% of the exhibitors think. They achieved their goals while the exhibition was still running.

Do exhibitors think they have achieved their goals at the exhibition?

Rather Yes 58%
Yes 17%
Difficult to say 14%
Rather No 8%
No 3%


Agroprodmash is the most frequented exhibition for the food and food processing industries in Russia. 87% of the visitors are industry professionals.

Agrogprodmash'2011: High-Quality Visitors

Agroprodmash only 30 %
Agroprodmash and Modern Bakery (the latter is held at Expocentre Fairgrounds concurrently with Agroprodmash) 3 %
Agroprodmash and other food industry exhibitions 41 %

Agroprodmash is an excellent platform for business development. 54% of visitors are food industry decision-makers.

Visitors by job title/ occupation:

CEOs/Directors 31%
Mid- and low-level managers 23%
Engineers/Production managers 22%
Managers 16%
Private entrepreneurs 4%
Other 4%

Agroprodmash'2011 welcomed visitors from across Russia and 40 other countries.

Visitors by origin:

Moscow 43%
Central federal district 11%
Moscow Region 10%
Volga federal district 8%
Siberian federal district 4%
St Petersburg 4%
North-western federal district 3%
Southern federal district 3%
Urals federal district 3%
North-Caucasian federal district 1%
Far-eastern federal district 1%
CIS countries 6%
Other countries 3%

Visitors by fields of activity:

Food manufacturing 47%
Food and beverages wholesale / retail trade 13%
Food processing equipment supplies 12%
Packaging manufacturing and supplies 10%
Food equipment maintenance 9%
Consulting, food equipment design 6%
Agribusiness 6%
Beverages manufacturing 4%
HoReCa, catering 2%
Banks, finances, investments 1%
Other 21%

Visitor interest in thematic areas:

Meat, poultry and fish processing 46%
Packing equipment 43%
Primary processing of raw materials
Food ingredients and additives 27%
Refrigeration, retail and warehousing equipment 26%
Bakery and confectionery equipment 24%
Dairy equipment 21%
Sanitation and hygiene 17%
Canned food manufacturing 15%
Parts, units and fittings 14%
Beverages manufacturing 13%
Fruit and vegetables processing 12%
Industrial safety 12%
Additional services 10%
IT technologies 9%