The Agroprodmash’2006 International Exhibition – Advanced Technology of the 21st Century

The Agroprodmash’2006 International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry was held from October 9 through 13, 2006 at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The outstanding 11th annual trade fair became a good stage for domestic and foreign manufacturers of agricultural products to demonstrate their recent achievements.

The Agroprodmash Exhibition has a status of the largest international agribusiness exhibition in Russia. It carries the labels of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF – the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. The event demonstrates the world developments in the food and food processing industries summarizing experience in the agriculture engineering.

The Russian agricultural processing industry is dynamically developing. Its level and rate of growth are dependent on promotion of advanced technologies and equipment to agriculture industry enterprises. The Agroprodmash Exhibition helps to solve problems of domestic agriculture industry re-equipment. Over 10 years, the Exhibition has been held by Expocentre jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The event enjoys the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

This year, the Exhibition has significantly enlarged. 725 companies occupied 21 000 sq m to demonstrate machines and equipment. Russian companies made up 70% of the exposition. The trade fair welcomed exhibitors from 29 countries. Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Finland and France arranged their national expositions. The Exhibition was attended by more than 17 000 visitors. Considering the Agroprodmash Exhibition to be the largest Russian trade fair in the industry, leading world manufacturers make their expositions more and more representative.

Among the participants were such well-known companies as Agrovo Handelsges mbH, Norbert Shaller GmbH, Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagenindustrie GmbH, Matimex GmbH (Austria), Begarat Vertriebs und Service GmbH, Siemens GmbH, Bertsch-Laska Produktions- und Handels GmbH, Consul, Kilia GmbH, Moguntia, Westfalia Separator GmbH (Germany), York International (Denmark), Embraco Europe Srl, Ito (Italy), Inoxpa Trading International Sl, Ulma Cye, S. Coop, Acc Compressors (Spain), Peja International B.V., Stork Pmt B.V., Teepak N.V. (Netherlands), Poly-Pack OOO (Ukraine), Eci Limited (USA) and others.

Over the last few years, the engineering level and equipment implementation, quality and development of technologies demonstrated by domestic companies have significantly improved that enables them to compete with their foreign counterparts. Russian stands could hardly be distinguished from the foreign ones. Design and stand construction was at the high artistic and technologic levels; a great number of equipment was demonstrated in action. Russian participants included such companies and enterprises as OOO AGRO-3, PTK Agroprodmash, OOO Agropromingineering, OOO Akmalko, OOO Alfa Laval Potok, OOO PKF Atlantis PAK, OOO TC Belkozin, OOO Biostar Holding Company, ZAO Vector I Co, ZAO NPP Voskhod, ZAO Vremya I Co, Giproholod Group, OOO Evroholod, OOO Proizvodstvenno-Torgovaya Kompaniya ZVT, FGUP Omskoye PO Irtysh, OOO Klen, OOO Kon-Mo, OOO Kriovak Sild Air, ZAO Lenprodmash, OOO NPP Metra, OOO Mir Spetsiy, OAO Moskovsky Zavod “Kompressor”, ZAO Moscovsky Projectorny Zavod, OOO Okant&Co, ZAO Oskon-Viatka, OOO Pishchmashservice, OOO Promholod, ZAO Pti Global, OOO Russkaya Trapeza, PK Sever (Prodmash), ZAO Tauras-Feniks, ZAO Vesoizmeritelnaya Kompaniya Tenzo-M, OAO SPKB Uralmiasomash, OOO TPG Eco Tust and other companies.

The Agroprogmash’2006 Exhibition covered all areas of the food and food processing industry. This year the exposition was more structured. For the first time the Exhibition included specialized sections: Packaging and Weighing Equipment; Equipment for Liquid Products and Beverage Production; Confectionary and Bakery Equipment; Water Treatment Facilities; Materials and Components for the Food Industry; Sanitation and Hygiene in the Food Industry.

The Exhibition’s business programme was expanded and included events covering all agribusiness sectors development. During the Exhibition, everyone had an opportunity to attend the all-Russian Technological Forum, Modern Technologies and Equipment for Food Industry; Food and Food Processing Industry Development Priorities Conference, New Approaches to Cooperation in Agribusiness of the EurAsEs Countries Conference, Prospects for Beverage Production in Russia Conference arranged by the Napitki-PRO magazine.

Expocentre jointly with the Imperiya Company organized the all-Russian Technological Forum Modern Technologies and Equipment for Food Industry.

The Forum covered all aspects of the modern food industry in Russia. Its specialized sections were devoted to meat processing and sausage making, refrigeration equipment, confectionary and baking products production, food additives, ingredients and food products packaging. Among the speakers were representatives of Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey, France and Finland. About 60 reports on topical issues of the domestic food and food processing industry were presented to professionals.

The Focus Session the Age of Convenient Food held on the first day of the Forum was devoted to production technologies of convenient food. Nowadays, people do not want to lose time during food preparation but they want to eat healthy food with all necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thus, the food industry should meet the customer demand. The convenient food topic is very popular in the West. A great number of conferences are devoted to it. However, in Russia it was the first time that this topic has been discussed within the framework of the all-Russian Technological Forum.

The Day of German Technologies was held on October 12. Experts and representatives of German organizations and companies delivered more than 30 detailed speeches. There were held a lot of presentations of German equipment in the food industry.

During the New Approaches to Expanding Cooperation in Agribusiness of EurAzEs Member-States Conference, there were discussed various aspects of the international lease arrangement of agricultural equipment and machinery within the Eurasian Economic Community framework. Reports were delivered by Chairman of the CIS-lease Confederation Sinyaev V.A., Chairman of the Governing Council of International Financial Industry Group “Crosagromash” Nishanov V.N., Director General of OAO Promagro Leasing, Deputy Chairman of the Belarus Lesser Union Krupnov P.V., Deputy Director General of the National Association Belagroservis Drozd L.Ya. and Project Manager of RHB GmbH Friedrich Zehetner.

The Beverages-PRO International Conference organized by the Napitki-PRO Advertising Agency and Expocentre with support from NO SUAR and the MGUPP Fermentation Institute was devoted to development of the beverage industry.

Industry professionals discussed issues of beverage production, answered the most topical questions that were of great interest to managers and technologists of beverage enterprises. Technology suppliers disclosed know-how in the field of the modern production standards and provided information on technologies, equipment and components for successful beverage brand creation. Participants estimated their prospects on the market and drew up plans according to the current situation.

Round tables, seminars and presentations also covered development of the whole agribusiness industry, from equipment for the raw materials and food processing production to sanitation and hygiene in the food industry and their environmental security.