Firm Name Country List of Products and Services Pavilion/Hall Stand Information about Company
ABSOLUT-SOFT CORPORATE PROJECTSRussiaRussian exporterFF070Automation of meat-processing enterprises on the platform “1C: MES Meat Processing. Module for 1C: ERP”, known under the MESbyMEAT brand and integration of accounting systems with Mercury FGIS. Equipment for the automation of production accounting in meat processing: industrial waterproof computers of own production, industrial label printers, bar code scanners, data collection terminals, weighing equipment.
ADVANTARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575B60The company offers food additives for various segments of the food industry, packaging materials, sausage casings of all kinds and detergents. Along with highly functional additives we offer modern technologies for food production and provide a full range of services: we send specialists to the enterprise, provide necessary information materials and normative and technical documentation.
AFR, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A75Filling lines for soft drinks/water in glass/can/PET. Complete lines for pickled vegetabeles/jams in glass/cans turnkey, installation, start-up. Depalletizers, pasteurizers, autoclaves, cappers, pallet stretchers, palletizers, conveyers. Production maintenance, audits, repairs, equipment relocation, modernization, automation, launching of new formats.
AGREGAT, ZAVODRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222E11Agregat produces vacuum cutters, spinning tops, meat massagers, mincemeat machines, grinding machines. Provides repair services and offers original spare parts from the manufacturer.
AGRO-CASIHG LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E28Agro-Casing produces and sells pork and beef sausage casing ready to use, specializiruetsya on the supply of shell imported, Europe and the Americas.
AGROSRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D95Russian leading manufacturer of equipment for heat treatment of food: sausages, deli meat, fish, cheese, poultry.
AKSOID - SETKI SIBIRIRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B77The producer from 1991 metal transporters, glazed netting, spiral conveyors. And also leading mechanisms, shafts and asterisks.
ALTERNATIVE MECHANICAL SYSTEMS, LLC (AMS LLC)RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383A25Production of progressive cavity pumps and spare parts (import substitution), designing and manufacturing of separator equipment and liquid dosing systems.
AMATA SCALERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F20AMATA SCALE is the designer and manufacturer of multihead weighers, check weighers and metal detectors. Our priorities are quality, reliability and permanent improvements of technologies.
ANTESRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 121C60Equipment for:
  • slaughter and primary processing,
  • secondary processing of meat, poultry and fish,
  • production of baby food, pet food, processed
cheese, semi-finished products, for slicing and packaging of cheese, processing of vegetables. Sanitary ware. Spices, ingredients and additives for the meat industry. Gates. Doors. Curtains.
APRIL LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222E07Customs clearance, international forwarding, outsourcing of foreign economic activity.
AQUANTUM COMPANYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383C42We are engineering company & specialize in designing & manufacturing of water treatment equipment & liquids: automatic filters, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration systems, membrane degassing systems.
AROMA ORGANICSRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575B16For over 10 years Aroma Organics specializes in the development and production of flavors, complex food additives and processing aids for flour confectionery products.
AROMADON, LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 3/Podium3B10Aromadon is a food ingredients producer since 2000 offering the wide range of additives for meat industry having at a time an opportunity to develop exclusive products upon the customer's request.
ASPROM, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1D28Manufacture of conveyor systems of any complexity. Supply of marking, packing, compressor and pneumatic equipment. Consumables and spare parts. Maintenance and repair services.
ASTRA-MARKETRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D60Trade castle cold storage and sandwich panels, the design and construction of refrigerated warehouses, refrigeration equipment. Flower stands, wine racks, engineering.
ATLANTIS-PAK CO., LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E60Leader in innovative packaging solutions.
AURUMFOOD, TK RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D30Flexible packing for food.
AVISRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C78Russian manufacturer of complete lines for filling food and industrial liquids in a plastic bottle. Training, warranty and service. 20 years of experience. Quality assurance.
BELSTARRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373B30Functional blends for meat, dairy and fish industry. Ingredients for food industry: isolate, carrageenan, animal proteins, phosphates, starch, etc. Mixes of the company Christl (Austria).
BELTIMPEX TPK, LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1C01Manufacture and supply of conveyor belts (PVC, PU, fabric, rubber); drive, segment, drawbar and flat belts; pulleys; bearings; chains and nets; tapes and meshes from Teflon; silicone; sleeves (PVC, PU, rubber).
BESTEQ-ENGINEERING, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFA010Design, production, delivery, launch and complete line and turn-key manufactories service for companies of canning industry, specializing on processing of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and milk.
BESTROMRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F12Production of packaging machines vertical type for bulk products, horizontal machines for single products, machinery for group packaging, fillers, elevators, conveyors.
BIOLINE TRADE, LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575B40The Russian company Bioline Trade develops and produces under the brand BIOKOL a wide range of natural food colors, ingredients of high quality for all sectors of the food industry.
BLS INGINIRING CO., LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383A18Production of equipment for packing, capping, labeling, transportation, packaging of liquid products for the food and chemical industries. Designing and manufacturing of equipment for filling liquid products.
BOSK PLUSRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222C38Manufacture of:
  • — cutter knives,
  • grinder tools,
  • circular cutters,
  • smoking and cooking frames,
  • mechanical and pneumatic presses,
  • tables, racks, 200 l tanks,
  • sewerage systems,
  • continuous clip for clipping devices,
  • sausage loops,
  • blades for band saws.
BUSCH VACUUM RUSSIARussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFG060Vacuum pumps and systems, service and consumables. Ltd. Busch Vacuum Russia is the affilated company of Busch-Holding GmbH, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps and systems.
CHEMICAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT PLANTRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383B22The plant operates since 1991 and is engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality capacitive technological equipment for the needs of the food industry.
COMPANY TERASRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B44Company Teras develops and produces the equipment for confectionary and bakery enterprises: standard and customer's speсifications.
CSortRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C83CSort manufactures innovative equipment for sorting different bulk products. It is a Russian leader in sales of optical sorters, included in Altai agricultural engineering cluster and Rosspetsmash.
DAKIRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383A20Manufacture of machines for blowing of PET bottles from 0.1 to 10.0 liters. Manufacturing of molds.
DATAJETRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222C68Supply of dumpling, dough-kneading, cutlet, sausage, packaging, labeling equipment, filling lines, marking, automatic dumping and gedza machines.
DezKov Inc.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323C40Russian production and trading company, the first manufacturer of disinfecting mats in Russia. Supplier of integrated innovative solutions in sanitary and hygiene in agriculture and food industry.
DIPIPROMRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D65Equipment for primary processing of livestock, meat and poultry. Sausage and smoking equipment. Dairy machines. Equipment, spare parts. Design, manufacture, assembly and installation.
DITO LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181C60DITOGROUP is a manufacturer of Dropping machine with 1, 2, 3 hopper, glazing and decorating machine, cooling conveyors, tanks for melting glazes, conveyors for drying of confectionery products.
DIVo (IP KARDYNOV)RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B50Supplier and manufacturer of bakery and confectionery equipment. We provide qualified assistance in selection, equipping, commissioning, maintenance and technology support.
DoorHanRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222E10DoorHan the leading Russian manufacturer of all types of doors, rolling shutters, docking equipment and the complete range of hardware.
DVA+KRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D98Manufacture of food equipment: cutters, minced meat mixers, tops, grinders, lifts, cutter knives, wolf lattices, cross knives for a top. Repair.
ECOCHEMMACHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323C40Ecochemmach produces cleaning and disinfection agents for food enterprises equipment processing under brands ВИМОЛ, КАТРИЛ, РОМ-ФОС. It provides a set of decisions according to the requirements of the HACCP system.
ECO-PROMRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323B42Development and production of professional chemistry.
ELIZ, LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D55Transparent silicone tubes with food tolerance, thermo- and frost-resistant seals for food equipment, food silicone plates, autoclave silicone rings of large diameters from vulcanized butt-end lengthy silicone profiles.
ELKOMRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/First level/hall 484A40Rubber compounds and mechanical rubber products development, manufacturing and sales for aircraft and other industrial branches. Rubber seals, tubes, twisted strips, plates (including silicon ones).
EMIS, GROUP OF INDUSTRIAL COMPANIESRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D78Group of Industrial companies EMIS is a Russian leading manufacturer and developer of control and measuring instruments as well as complex equipment which provides 35 kinds of metering instruments including 13 types of flowmeters based on 7 measurement methods.
EMPIRE OF JAM, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373C50LLC Empire of jam is Russian manufacturer of desserts, preserves, jams and marmalades.
ENGINEERINGRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282D40Design, manufacture, supply of equipment and automation systems for filling lines and conveyor systems.
ERGARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A45For the food industry ERGA, offers customized equipment design and manufacturing 4 types of industrial metal detectors ERGUARD and more than 20 types of magnetic separators ERGA.
ESPOMARKETRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222B85Company supplies meat processing and packaging equipment for food industry. Manufacture vacuum bags and trays for sealing. We design workshops, we provide service and spare parts.
FLOREXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E30Manufacture of artificial barrier and smoke-proof multi-layer and single-layer sausage and sausage casings for meat processors and poultry farms. Application of flexographic printing, UV-printing, corrugating.
FUSO INTERNATIONALRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1D30FUSO machines weight and fill with high precision raw material of coarse fraction, grass, petals, including the ability to form and fill coffee drip bags.
GEORG POLYMER, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1E24Georg Polymer specializes in the production of plastic polypropylene packaging - containers for sealing. We offer an integrated proposal for hermetic packaging: tray, absorbed pad, sealing film.
GIGAMASHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383C30Production of equipment for food industry (dairy, confectionery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic), automation of production, design of the technological part of the project, modernization of plants.
GRADIENT M LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181D51Production and sale of highly effective magnetic separators, filters, traps for cleaning plant raw materials, foodstuffs of other environments from ferroimpurities.
GRASYS, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F01Engineering and manufacture of commercial high-performance nitrogen generators Nitropower for food processing industry.
HENNLICHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFE115Energy Supply Systems: energy chains®, flexible cables, linear guidelines, polymer bearings of igus® company, bellows, THK ball screws. Process lighting, visual Control Systems, Sight Glasses, heaters. Plunger, hose and centrifugal pumps, sera dosing pumps.
HLEB OBORUDOVANIERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181D30Complex equipment for bakeries and confectioneries. Installation of equipment and commissioning. Teaching baking technology. Operative consultations of the technologist, managers, mechanics.
IMAPACKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383A40Producer for lines and machines for filling, capping, labelling, conveying, controlling of still liquids including hot products with pieces, foaming, aggressive, explosive EX products.
INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES (ISIT), LLCRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFD125Комплексная автоматизация. Надежный софт для предприятий мясопереработки. Убой обвалка, производство, склад.
INGREDIENTS. RAZVITIERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373C70Manufacturer of textured soy protein, textured concentrate, and high-protein functional blends for meat processing. Distribution of other food and feed ingredients.
INITSIATIVA, MNPPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E01Heat treatment cameras for hot and cold smoking of meat, fish, poultry. Slaughtering complexes. Modular mini-workshops. Cameras for drying and drying fish. Refrigeration equipment. Non-standard equipment.
INTERKOLD, PKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D48Производство и инжениринг холодильных машин: ККБ, централи, сплит-системы, скороморозильные аппараты, теплообменное оборудование.
IPLASTRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1B10Leading Russian producer of large-sized plastic packaging. The Company's products are widely used in food and chemical industries, warehouse logistics and beverage industry and machinery manufacturing.
IRTYSH, OMPO, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A15Irtysh OmPO JSC makes equipment for the baking and food industries:
— Ovens for bread-baking (rotary and convection) with capacity from 40 to 200 kg/h,
— Proofers, flour sifters, dough-makers, cabinet ovens, trolleys, trays, shapes,
— Steam convection ovens.
All equipment is certified. Warranty and service.
IZHEVSKY MEKHANICHESKY ZAVOD, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C60Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod JSC produces Baikal packaging equipment, famous for its reliability and easy maintenance, economical energy consumption and high consumer characteristics.
KIRILL NEDOSEKOV'S INVENTION LABRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFE005The developer and manufacturer of equipment under the brands Smairflow, MaxiSmoker, Powairflow for drying, defrosting, heat treatment, cold smoking foods and maturing meat and salami.
KOMPONENT PLUS, PCF, LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 121E40Производство нового оборудования для мясопереработки, в том числе для мини колбасных цехов. Ремонт, реновирование и модернизация, производство запчастей. Расходные материалы, технологический инвентарь.
KONRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222B30Heat chambers, defrosters, linker sausage machines, cutters, grinders, extruders, band saws, massagers, injectors, generators of “liquid ice”, overalls, service.
KONDITERHOUSERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181D20Produced confectionery equipment: the confectionery line, tunnel kiln, machines for the production of marmelade and sweets, forming and chocolate enrobing, cooling tunnels, belts and conveyors, etc.
KONTUR, NTKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B03Created in 1988. Leader in the field of complex dosing and accounting technologies for liquid and bulk components. Equipment for bakery, confectionery, fish processing industries.
KOSTAGROUP LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181A35Kostagroup produce confectionery lines for glazing, decoration and production of sugar cookie, butter biscuit, gingerbread, biscuit, crackers, marshmallows, etc. Bakery and confectionery equipment: Dough-mixing machine, Depositing machine, Confectionery ovens, Glazing machine, Thermal mixer and thermowell, Candy and fruit jelly depositing machine, Cooling tunnels, Conveyors and transporters, Stainless steel equipment for the catering industry.
KROHNRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFF060KROHN — сэндвич-панели и теплоизоляционные плиты с высокоэффективным наполнителем PIR. Один из крупнейших в России производителей строительных материалов для быстровозводимых зданий любого назначения.
KR-TECHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383B15Design, manufacture, launch, staff training, maintenance and audit of food productions. The main equipment is pasteurizing plate and tubular cooling units.
L. N. KOSHKIN AUTOMATIC LINES DESIGN BUREAU, JOINT STOCKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFG058KBAL named for L. N. Koshkin creates and develops equipment for the food industry, which is distinguished by its high productivity, striking reliability, as well as ease of use.
LABORATORY OF VARIATORS, LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222E01Manufacture of ice making machines, press separators and non-conventional equipment.
LENPRODMASHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383B25LENPRODMASH is the largest machinery plant in Russia that designs and manufactures automated equipment for filling lines.
LIPSIA JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFD030Meat processing technologies, poultry processing and baking technologies, conveyor systems and automation, refrigeration systems, shock freezing.
LOGOSRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E50Leading supplier and manufacturer of packaging materials for the food industry: all kinds of sausage casings, collagen and artificial films, consumables.
MAGIKONRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A40Supply and installation of bakery, filling & packing, manufacturing equipment for food and non-food industries, sale of packing materials and spare parts.
MagiSTer, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/First level/hall 484A35Non-standart equipment development and production. Conveyor systems and system integration.
MARION, PROIZVODSTVENNAYA KOMPANIYARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282D60Manufacture of food processing equipment for dairy, confectionery, meat and pharmaceutical industries.
MASHDETAL PLUS, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D65High-speed roll-up doors, swing door, PVC curtains, dock-levellers, dock shelters for snap openings in retail, warehouse, industrial premises and premises of public catering. Manufacture, installation.
MERATECH RUS GROUP, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323C70Meratech is a company specializing in the development and implementation of professional hygiene solutions for farming and food industry.
MILCO SAINT-PETRSBURGRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1C84We are the manufacturers of vacuum and shrink bags, baking bags, absorbing pads and sealable food trays. We offer various types of films and plastic packing materials for the food industry.
MOLMASHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D50Molmash Factory was founded in 1932, the oldest leading manufacturer of equipment and spare parts for the dairy and food industry in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. The plant specializes in equipment for the production of oil and spreads, cottage cheese and cheese, the manufacture of heat-exchange and capacitive equipment, automation and dispatching of production processes. Offers complete solutions for the design and selection of equipment, installation and commissioning work with subsequent training of personnel on the customer's premises.
MV-VISKOTEXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222C50MV-Viskotex company was created to provide enterprises of Russia and CIS countries with effective solutions in the field food production and packaging.
NAFTAECO ENGINEERING COMPANY, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 121E90Engineering and production "turn-key" process lines for byproducts rendering industry. Ready-made solutions for byproducts processing and transportation. Equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment.
NATUREZARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575B20Russian producer of natural sausage covers and meat beef semi-finished products.
NEKRASOVSKY MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT SCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C42We produce pumps (centrifugal, pumping, screw, rotary, slide, piston), homogenizers, dispersants, capacitive equipment, mixers, mechanical seals.
NEOS INGREDIENTS LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575A54The company Neos Ingredients has been supplying for high-quality food ingredients and equipment for the confectionery, bakery, meat and dairy industries from the Russia, EU, China, Malaysia, Brazil.
NHL, CORPORATE GROUPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 2, Pavilion 8/Second level/hall 221C20, 82C15The supplier of meat processing, bread bakery, confectionery, packaging equipment, food ingredients, spare parts and services for the food industry companies in Russia and the CIS.
NOTISRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1C28We supply optimal solutions for high-performance and quality weighing and packaging operations. Our customers confide in our tailored all-weight systems for bulk stock, dusting products, count and frozen goods.
NSKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D10One of the leading Russian manufacturers of refrigeration equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Own industrial base. The implementation of complex technical solutions.
NTK KONTURRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B03Created in 1988. Leader in the field of complex dosing and accounting technologies for liquid and bulk components. Equipment for bakery, confectionery, fish processing industries.
OCHAKOVO FACTORY OF FOOD INGREDIENTS CO.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 3/Podium3D80Ingredients & additives for meat, diary, confectionery, oil and fat industries including stabilizers, thickeners, multifunctional additives, raw materials and mono-ingredients.
ONIRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A60Development, production and implementation of equipment for industrial automation: electric motors, frequency inverters, PLC, relays, HMI, software.
OSNOVA, LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1A50Russian manufacturer of filling, corking, labelling semiautomatic equipment and cooking tanks for small business. Technological and filling lines. For liquid and pastry products.
OSTPACK TRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F30Food and milk processing, cheese production. Filling lines. Bags filling. Curd and butter packing. Thermoformers. Flowpack. X-fold-overwrapper. Shrink film machines. Carton erecting, filling and closing machines. Palletizers, pallet packaging.
OZ STAR MAKINARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A10The equipment for drying, salting and roasting seeds, pistachio nuts and all kinds of nuts.
PAKKARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383B42Bottled water filling equipment directly from the manufacturer! Automatic and semi-automatic equipment for filling, labeling, capping and group packaging.
PENZMASH, PAORussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B20PAO PENZMASH specializiruetsya the production of equipment for harvesting and processing of agricultural products, equipment for food industry, and in the manufacture of consumer goods.
PHS LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E40Manufacture of industrial refrigeration equipment, ventilation and air conditioning. Supply of components, consumables and tools for installation, repair.
PK ALLMAG CO., LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F10PK AllMag Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of magnetic separators for refining products from ferromagnetic inclusions and also supplies different home and imported equipment.
PLANT START, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D45Specializes in the manufacture and sale of tankers for various purposes, as well as a tank on the chassis of trailers and semi-trailers, including the oil and gas industry.
PLASTIK, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1B60The company is one of the largest manufacturers of packing materials, containers and other plastic products. Polymer products: Flexible films, Rigid PVC films, Leak-tight container, Polymer crates, Extrusion net.
PolyER, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1C70PolyER is one of the leaders in manufacturing of polymer food packages and PP, PET and PS sheets for automatic packaging and thermoforming lines produced under trademark Сп.
POLYMER MCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181A40Polymer MC company is engaged in supply and manufacture of plastic conveyor belts, flat belts, belt with PVC or polyurethane coating.
POTOK INTER, SCIENTIFIC-MANUFACTURING FIRM, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323C30Potok Inter increases product shelf life to 60% through air decontamination systems based on patented technology that inactivates all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold fungi
PRAVILNOE PITANIERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B04Production of blown cereals: wheat, rice, barley, spelt wheat, buckwheat, spelled, oats, millet, corn, white corn, rice, wheat balls. Cornflakes.
PRIMORYE NETTINGRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFF044Factory produces ropes and nets. Designs and makes fishing gears for commercial fishing. Supply of vessels.
PRODMASH TECHSERVISE LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D25Manufacture of automatic sealing and capping machines, dosing filling, bank cleaning equipment, conveyors, spare parts for manufactured equipment and imported analogues.
PROFITEXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B10Manufacture of packaging, marking, labeling equipment, bottle filling lines. Warranty and post-warranty service. 16 years on the market of engineering.
PROTEK GROUPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1A22Engineering, manufacture and wholesale of packaging goods for the food industry, disposable tableware and cutlery.
PTI GROUP OF COMPANIESRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 474C40PTI Group of Companies is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality ingredients and processing technologies for the food industry. It's portfolio comprises more than 1000 types of additives for food industry.
RANETRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1B01Production of packing machines.
RECUPERRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383E25Recuper LLC is Russian manufacturer of full cycle automatic thermoforming filling, sealing and cutting (FFS) machines.
ROSNET, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222C85Production of sausage casing with nets on the surface. Production of all types of net for sausages, deli, meat and fish products.
ROSPRINTERRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282D36Our company manufactures digital printing equipment, food printers (plotters) in particular.
ROSTOVSKIY KOMPRESSORNY ZAVODRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D43Automatic blowing machine production. PET-receptacle for 2000 BPH, 3000 BPH, 4000 BPH, 6000 BPH, 7000 BPH. Compressor station for blowing PET, cleaning system for compressed air.
RUSBIOALLIANCE, Operating Company, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181C75RusBioAlliance produces its products from wild berries of Karelia: fruit-berry fillers and filling, berry puree, base for fruit drink, smoothies, frozen berries, jam, confiture.
RUSKHIMSETPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575A10First national universal chemical distributor in Russia and CIS countries. The company specializes in supplying of chemical raw materials and functional additives for many industries.
RUSSKAYA TRAPEZARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B50Packing, bakery, confectionery, bulk storage, transportation of bulk products, dairy equipment, furnaces for roasting seeds and nuts. Film for packaging machines.
RUTEXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323E20The company is an official dealer in Russia of these European firms: Mauting, AM2C, ROSERGROUP. It's engaged in selling and maintenance of equipment. RUTEX implementing overhaul of equipment and realizing it with the guarantee.
RYBTEHCENTR, SIA, JSCFG050Design of enterprises, fish processing workshops, developing of new machines, manufacturing of fish processing and other processing equipment for the food and canning industry on shore and off shore.
SATURN, VMZRussian exporter23D98Serial production of equipment for meat processing. Cutter knives, knives for cutting machines, frozen meat cutters. Repair work. Spare parts. Consumables. Cutters. Block cutters, grinding machines, hoists.
SCORPIO-AROMAT LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373C01The company Scorpio Aromat Ltd is Russian producer of food aromatizers. Assortment of products exceeds 10000 aromatizers of different flavor groups.
SD TECHNOLOGY, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222B38Тгаvаglini climatic equipment, INOX MESSANICA lines for massing, forming of delicacies; Velati meat preparation lines for sausages; Tecsal suspension ways for moving products.
SELMASH MOLOCHNYE MASHINYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B78Development and production of equipment: capacitive vessels, heat exchange units, processing lines for the production of cheese and cottage cheese, sanitary treatment plants. Design and process control systems.
SHOKOLEND CO., LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B40Department Sweet Technologies LTD Shokolend is a supplier of confectionery and packaging equipment. Provide manufacture of new equipment and restoration of used equipment, supervision and training of staff.
SIC - SATURN INVEST CONSTRUCTIONSRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFF140Saturn Invest Constructions specializes in the design and construction of high-strength, chemically resistant, acid-resistant, hygienic ceramic industrial floors for food industry.
SIGNAL-PACK, VKPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F28The company manufactures and supplies turnkey packaging machines, filling lines, weight feeders, equipment for the production of ravioli, equipment for washing and packing of vegetables. Warranty.
SIKMO, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323B40SIKMO is a Russian manufacturer of professional detergents and disinfectants TM PLEX® for food industry, agriculture, catering, cleaning and professional washing.
SMART GRADE, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFG070SMART GRADE LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative Sapsan color sorters (chute-type, belt-type and X-Ray) in Russia and abroad.
SOUZPACK, MPF, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1G50Souzpack company is the largest supplier of packaging and labeling machinery: conveyor systems, final packaging machines, labeling and marking machines.
SOYUZ-POLYMERRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F54Soyuz-Polymer is one of the largest suppliers on the Russian market, with 20 years of experience in the production of PU and GPU for enterprises of wholesale trade, industrial organizations and trading networks of Russia.
STANGRAD-KONDITERMASH GROUPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181A70The STANGRAD-KONDITERMASH GROUP produces and delivers professional equipment for confectionery and food enterprises. High quality, reliable components, increased productivity.
STARYOSKOL MECHANICAL PLANT, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B20StaryOskol Mechanical Plant produces pump equipment, conveyors, modular belt, equipment for food industry, system and production complexes of confectionery products.
SV CRAFTRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282A20The company's strategy aims to produce affordable high-end confectionery equipment with innovative design allowing to make the widest possible range of products.
TAURAS-FENIXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1D10TAURAS-FENIX is the leading manufacturer of confectionery production equipment and filling and packaging equipment for a wide range of food products in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.
TECHNOCLIPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D10Russian producer since 2001. Clips and loops for all types of clippers. Production of clippers. Aluminium wire. Delivery of twine, nets, films, equipment and spare parts. Installation, supervision, repair, adjustment, maintenance of equipment for meat processing factories.
TECHNOKOM LTD.RussiaRussian exporterPavilion Forum/HallFE140Manufacture and supply of equipment for manufacturers of dairy products, water and soft drinks, beer and kvass, mayonnaise, sauces and ketchup.
TECHNOMATIX, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1B32Integration of industrial robots, palletizing, stacking, sorting, handling of cargo manufacturing of painting equipment, spray and drying booths, tracking systems, training center, service.
TECNOPOOL-RRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282B60Leading positions in the market for shock freezing and cooling of food products. Development and manufacture of conveyors for any sphere, including food segment.
TEHLEN, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C20Manufacture of bakery equipment: trolleys for furnaces, perforated baking sheets, baking forms, application and restoration of non-stick coatings.
TEHNOMIR, LTD. (ST. PETERSBURG)RussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D35Water chilling plants, chillers, ice accumulators, shock-freeze chambers, tunnel and plate freezers, refrigerated warehousing. Commercial refrigeration: multidecks, freezer islands, serve-over cabinets, display cases.
TEHTRONRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D85Manufacturer of universal smoking and cooking chambers, hot and cold smoking chambers, defrosting, intensive cooling, drying. Development, installation, service.
TENSO-M, WEIGHT MEASURING COMPANYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D75TENSO-M is a leading Russian producer in industrial weighing, specializing in the supply of electronic balances and weigh batchers.
TERMARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D67Russian manufacturer of heat-exchanging equipment for ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration markets. Air condensers, drycoolers, evaporators, unit coolers, blast freezers.
TSVET, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D30Engineering company is the maker of the technological equipment and tanks of stainless steel and carbon steel for various sectors of the food industry. Maximum volume is 200 m³.
TUREXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D50Turex is a Russian manufacturer of a wide range of materials for finishing floor coatings at industrial facilities and social infrastructure.
TVS-MEKHANICS, LTDRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 121C75Manufacture of equipment, cutting tools, cutter knives and spare parts for meat-processing, automatic lines for production of sausages and wieners, frozen meat cutters, mincers, mixers, back fat cutters, labelling machines for marking sausages and vacuum packing, cutter knives, cutting kits for microgrinders (emulsifiers) puncheons and moulds for clipping.
TYPHOON-INNOVATION, LLCRussiaRussian exporter82C74The largest food industry equipment manufacturer in Southern Russia, Typhoon-Innovation has been manufacturing and operating high-tech equipment for over 17 years.
TЕСHNOPACK-FLEXRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1G20Production of films and packages for vacuum packing and gas-filled packing. Production of three-seam, doy-pack and zip-tape packages. Full-color printing and lamination.
UMT-INDUSTRYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F48Packaging solutions for food products. Manufacture of sealable trays and containers with decorations. Selection and sale traysealer.
UNITY FOOD MACHINERYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 121D10A Russian manufacturer of equipment for food industry enterprises.
UNIVAC, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1E54The manufacturing of vacuum shrink tubes for packaging of cheese and meat products.
URALCENTREKOMPLEKTRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282D90Manufacture of АG-1200 retort-sterilizers and autoclave accessories.
V. A. DEGTYAREV PLANT, OJSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1A70Open Joint Stock Company V. A. Degtyarev Plant is the largest enterprise in the defense and engineering complex of Russia. The plant has been manufacturing M6-AR2T type of packaging machines for the food industry for more than 25 years.
VEKTORRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 222D70Sale of artificial casings & decorative nettings for sausage's.
VENDSHOPRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383A27VendShop — manufacture full line of vending equipment and software. We has of kind different vending machine for sale of any goods, including milk, meat, fish, confectionery. Shipping to any country.
VIYARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 282C30Equipment for filling and packaging of dairy products.
VOLGA TANNERYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373A50VT-PRO bovine protein is made out of cow splits from own raw material base. VT-PRO collagen factory and its products have been certified by Kazan-based Halal certification centre.
VOLGA TANNERYRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 373A50VT-PRO bovine protein is made out of cow splits from own raw materials base. VT-PRO collagen factory and its products have been certified by Kazan-based Halal certification centre.
VORONEZHPRODMASHRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D98Sale of food processing equipment.
VOSKHOD, SPE, FIRM, JSCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 181B10The market leader of bakery and pastry equipment. Quality control system is certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2015.
WIRUD RUS, LLCRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 7/Second level/hall 575B10WIRUD RUS LLC is a leading wholesale supplier of raw materials and half-finished products for industry. The assortment is including a big range of ingredients (vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, additives etc).
WORLD FOODRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 3/Podium3F30Spices and food ingredients.
YUREAL, PROIZVODSTVENNAYA FIRMARussiaRussian exporterPavilion 3/Podium3A85Production of complex mixtures of spices Yurimiks. Spices, ingredients and products for the meat and food industry. Various natural and artificial casings. Related products. Production of labels.
ZAVOD MOLOCHNYH MACHINRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 8/Second level/hall 383D15Production of equipment for receiving, storing and processing of milk, the production of cottage cheese, cheese; confectionery equipment; cooking equipment; washing stations; installation and commissioning work.
ZENIT, TRADING HOUSEPavilion 2/Second level/hall 323D98Selling food machinery, cutter, meat mixer, grinder, cutting tool grinding machines.
ZOND-PAKRussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F04Automated packaging equipment for dairy and other liquid products, and bulk products in PE pillow bags. Automated units for packaging fluid and paste-like products into cups.
ZTIRussian exporter1D76ZTI is the leader in the industry of production of industrial packaging. Tare is produced on modern European equipment by extrusion blow molding from high quality raw materials.
АМАТА SCALERussiaRussian exporterPavilion 1/Hall1F20AMATA SCALE is the designer and manufacturer of multihead weighers, check weighers and metal detectors. Our priorities are quality, reliability and permanent improvements of technologies.