AGROPRODMASH | Press-center service
AGROPRODMASH | Press-center service
AGROPRODMASH | Press-center service

Dear participants in the exhibition,

You are provided with a unique opportunity to make use of the services of Expocentre Press Service.

Types of services:
  • placement of exhibitor’s press releases (promo material) at Expocentre Press Centre. Press releases feature the information about new products presented at the trade show and other events important for the exhibitor; Press Service can e-mail a press release to specialized press, place it in the news feed on Expocentre’s website, and put hard copies on information counters of Press Service;
  • providing the Press Centre facilities to hold press conferences, presentations, interviews and other activities with mass media; you can send your press release to with the subject “Press Release of (company name) for Agroprodmash”. To place your press release on the information counters you need to hand it over in hard copies to Press Service before the exhibition (Congress Centre, Floor 2, Room 123).

Expocentre Press Service
Phones: +7 (495) 605-71-54, 605-68-28
Fax: +7 (495) 609-41-30