Subjects by pavilion

Basic food technology. Processing of raw materials. Food production. End-to-end engineering solutions Pavilion Forum
Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1,2,3)
Pavilion No.8 (Hall 4)
Equipment for meat processing and sausage making.
Slaughtering equipment and preliminary meat processing. Poultry breeding and processing
Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1,2,3)
Pavilion No.8 (Hall 4)
Pavilion Forum
Rybpromresurs: Aquaculture. Fishery. Marine equipment. Fishing fleet, Fish and seafood processing   Pavilion 2 Hall 3
Grain processing. Bakery. Confectionery equipment. Pasta production   Pavilion No.8 (Halls 1,2, 3)
Canning equipment. Fruit and vegetables processing Pavilion Forum
Dairy and cheese production Pavilion No.8 (Halls 2,3)
Ice cream equipment Pavilion No.8 (Halls 2,3)
Equipment and technology for production and bottling of liquid and viscous food, and beverages  Pavilion No.8 (Halls 2,3,4)
Ingredients. Additives. Spices.
Pavilion No.3, Pavilion No.7
Pavilion No.3, Pavilion No.7
Refrigeration equipment. Ventilation and A/C systems Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1,2,3)
Packaging equipment and materials. Portioning, bottling, labeling equipment. Weighing equipment Pavilion No.1
Warehouse equipment. Loading equipment.
Conveyor systems
Pavilion Forum, Pavilion No.1
Automation in food production Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1,2,3)
Pavilion Forum, Pavilion No.1
Occupational sanitation, cleaning equipment. Commercial flooring Pavilion No.2 (Hall 3)
Food safety. Quality control.
Pavilion No.2 (Halls 2,3)
Weighing, laboratory, test equipment Pavilion No.2 (Halls 2,3), Pavilion No.1
Agroprodmash-Complect: Components, machinery and materials for food production. Metal products for food production. Pipes, fittings. Electrical equipment. Pumps, pumping equipment. Water treatment. Tanks and vessels. Filling and bottling Pavilion Forum
Pavilion No.8 (Hall 4)
Foreign national showcases Pavilion No.1
Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1,2)
Pavilion No.7 (Hall 4)
Pavilion No.8 (Hall 3)
Pavilion Forum